Welcome to the Hub City Cycle and Training program!

  • High intensity interval training
  • Group training
  • Mix of cardio, strength, conditioning, warm up and cool down in every workout
  • Every day  is different

We offer results-driven programs NOT gym classes

Our simplistic, yet challenging approach trains every aspect of fitness without over-reaching or risking injury.

Each program caters to all fitness levels. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a fit person looking for that perfect workout, or someone craving a new fitness journey.

Our circuit training classes and strength training programs keep you motivated and always progressing.  You will always have new goals so your body never gets used to specific movements.  As a result, you will always build multiple muscles in  every workout.

We combine essential building blocks to deliver optimal results:

  1. Functional movements that mirror everyday tasks.
  2. Proper strength training
  3. High intensity cycle & circuit training intervals that you can measure - MORE INFO
  4. Total body focus
  5. Highly varied exercises.


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NO MEMBERSHIP FEE.  BUY ONLY WHAT YOU NEED! Packages do not expire.