How do I get started?

Sign-up to create an account. Purchase CLASSES  OR TRAINING. Reserve a class at a time under SCHEDULE.

How do I sign up for a class?

Head over to the “register for a class” page and choose a class time you like. From there, just click on any available bike. If a class is full, you can put yourself on the wait list. If a bike opens up in that class, you’ll be placed into the class and notified via email or phone.

What makes Hub City different from a gym?

We don’t have treadmills, ellipticals or universal weight machines. Our functional training/progress-based programs use sleds, indoor cycles, free weights, kettle-bells, combat ropes, plyo boxes, TRX, medicine balls, pull up bars and more. We combine essential building blocks to deliver optimal results: (1) functional movements (2) strength training (3) high intensity intervals (4) total body focus and (5) highly varied exercises.

How often do I need to take classes to see results?

We recommend you take a steady combination of  CLASSES &r TRAINING sessions each week.  You will feel maximum effect if you can get here 3-4 times!


When can I sign up for a class?

Every Saturday at 5:00 pm, the booking window opens for the coming week. This will allow you to register for as many classes you want for the following week.  We encourage you to sign up for your favorite classes as soon as possible as many classes fill up quickly.

How far in advance do I have to cancel a class to avoid a penalty?

You must cancel a class by 5:00 pm the day before your scheduled class in order to avoid penalty. If you cancel after 5:00pm, you will forfeit one ride. The only way to cancel a class is under My Account on the Hub City website.